Preperatory, Guidance, and Coaching Services for Students of All Ages

I pride myself in my ability to effectively teach and communicate, while maintaining a friendly and nurturing space for students with respect to ALL subjects. Because of this, parents also enlist my services for mediating and facilitating a positive and helpful environment to aid in effective communication.

I am also asked to coach students as a pioneering alternative to therapy, when appropriate and applicable. Students who may face challenges adjusting to their academic environments and developing a strong "sense of self" during a time of peer-influence and conflict with parental authority GREATLY benefit from these services. Students are not told that the sessions are anything remotely considered as therapy, but coaching and guidance with an experienced academic consultant. 

I have a track record of 100% success with every student who has committed to working with me as advised, to achieve their goals, whether it involves improving work habits to improve grades, mastering tough material from their classes, learning to properly write academic papers, and being admitted to one of the colleges of their choice when utilizing my advice throughout their high school career. I have exceptional problem solving skills and also aid in "damage control" for students who have previously received "cookie-cutter" college advice from other counselors and find themselves overwhelmed with their work, resulting in poor academic performance and a sticky situation to navigate through towards their college aspirations. 


Academic Tutoring: 

I have had previous experience in tutoring throughout the following courses, sometimes I am put in the position of learning alongside my students, however I find this creates a bonding experience and students learn how to effectively "study-to-learn" with their textbooks, rather than need first hand instruction. I am willing to do such, however, I evaluate on a case-by-case basis to maximize the efficiency of the student's learning and success, depending on the individual needs of each student

Concepts of Numbers 

General Mathematics


Probability, Decimals, Statistics, Fractions



Algebra I


Algebra II


Linear Algebra 


English (Grades 5-8)

Honors English 9

Honors English 10

AP English Language

AP English Literature

AP World History

AP European History

AP United States History

Honors Biology

Spanish I

French I

College Preparation & Planning

College Application Support

College Essay Writing

College Interview Preparation

Major/Minor planning & scheduling


I provide an educational and quiet facility for students in Santa Monica to take online and paper exams. I regard the online schooling system extremely highly and I strive to help encourage this continued academic avenue by doing so. 

Placement Exams entering University:

This can be a confusing idea for students when they are preparing themselves to sign up for college courses their incoming freshman year. Universities ask for students to take placement exams in order to properly place them into their appropriate levels within required subjects, but they don't necessarily translate into excusing students from the required units taken in those subjects. So if your student studies a little extra hard for their math placement exam and they aren't majoring in a field where extensive math courses are required, their better performance can come back to haunt them with unnecessary loads of overwhelming work during their first year in college. Contrary to setting up a student for success, this route sets them up for extra stress, a higher possibility of poor grades, and a lackluster freshman year in college. Instead of giving into the habit of trying to ace this exam, as you would any exam, strategize how well to perform on this exam based on your learning skills, study habits, extracurricular activities, and overall academic plan and major requirements. Doing so helps students find success for their first year at college and the result is overall notably encouraging going into their sophomore, junior, and senior years. I offer in person as well as remote consulting for students/parents across the United States with setting up their academic plans and course loads, unique to their enrolled curriculum and interests.